“THIS IS DEFINITELY A BANGER IN CLASSIC KANYE WEST FORM, wit, creativity, emotion, funny voices, a great hiphop beat, and the type of honesty that has made him so loved by his fans.”
“>Bossip.com thinks West’s new song ‘Mama’s Boyfriend’ harkens back to the artist’s old form.

“IT IS SHAMEFUL THAT FLAG DAY GETS SO LITTLE NOTICE, for doesn’t the flag represent this nation’s independence and its unity as a nation?”
IllinoisReview.typepad.com thinks the holiday started in 1777 should be more passionately celebrated in the U.S.

“I’M INTERESTED TO SEE HOW THE ABILITY TO SEARCH BY IMAGES WILL AFFECT SEARCH. How will we target images? How will we negate irrelevant images? What the heck will my search query reports look like?! Nonetheless, I’m excited to see the implications, positive (hopefully) but also negative, because the innovation is nothing short of amazing.”
PPchero.com is looking forward to Google’s new search feature which allows you to search via voice and images.

“THE STRANGEST THING, TO ME, IS GRABER’S SUGGESTION that he wouldn’t have had a voice on the issues at hand, because he’s a straight guy, as if you somehow have to be gay to credibly advocate for equality. Makes absolutely no sense.”
TruthWinsOut.org reacts to news that Bill Graber, a 58-year-old veteran, admitted he was one of the editors of the LezGetReal lesbian blog, after faking his identity as a woman named Paula Brooks.