GREG NORMAN IN THE CROWD THERE. Better known as The Great White Shark, of course. And, in fairness, he’s slowly becoming as hirsute as one.”
@Ed_Son tweets a shot at Greg Norman, who was seen alongside fellow golfer Jack Nicklaus at Wimbledon‘s Centre Court Wednesday.

WUGAZI: the greatest thing to happen to Wednesday afternoon since DuckTales.” was impressed with the mashup song “Sleep Rules Everything Around Me,” a mix of Wu-Tang Clan’s ‘C.R.E.A.M.’ and Fugazi’s ‘I’m So Tired.’

“It’s bad enough when a tsunami shuts down a nuclear plant. But the sea is finding new and innovative ways to disrupt power generation. … They say that warmer temperatures encourage greater jellyfish growth in northerly places like Scotland where they’re usually rarer. BUT CAN WE RULE OUT THE POSSIBILITY THAT POSEIDON IS UPSET ABOUT SOMETHING? is concerned that the Greek god of the sea may be responsible for jellyfish that have caused a plant on the East coast of Scotland to shut down its reactors.

OK, LET’S GET THIS STRAIGHT. SHE cheated on him, but HE has a ‘Sex Addiction’ because he still wants her, so why is she the victim again?”
— A commenter at reacts to the outpouring of support for actress Tea Leoni, who is divorcing her husband, actor David Duchovny. Leoni admitted to an affair with actor Billy Bob Thornton in 2008, the same year Duchovny entered sex rehab.