For whatever reason, I never spent much time listening to the Dischord bands Smart Went Crazy (1993-1998) or Beauty Pill (1999-present). Smart Went Crazy’s tense post-punk feels like a warm-up for the lush art-rock of Beauty Pill, above, which singer-songwriter-producer Chad Clark and bassist Abram Goodrich put together after the former disbanded. The creative force in both is Clark — who’s the reason I revisited those bands.

See, we’re Facebook friends and Twitter buds, though our contact has been limited to one witty comment each on each other’s walls. But Clark’s smart, enthusiastic comments about music made me think, “I should dig this dude’s jams.”

You can (re)introduce yourself to Beauty Pill when the band begins its “Immersive Ideal” project: Every day between Saturday and Aug. 2, the group will convene at Rosslyn’s Artisphere from noon to 10 p.m. to record its forthcoming album, in public. It’ll be like going to a rock zoo with shredding pandas: beautifully crazy.

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Photo courtesy Beauty Pill