If you want to look good with your clothes off, you’ll need to cut out those visits to Jumbo Slice. But can you quit cold pepperoni? “Fast food is ingrained in our society, and people aren’t going to stop eating it,” says Phil Parsons, the D.C.-area developer for Naked Pizza, an international chain that hawks a healthier take on the typical pizza pie.

The just-opened Arlington location (1101 S. Joyce St.; 703-412-3777) is the first of a half-dozen shops planned for the region, as the brand hopes to deliver Washingtonians something better than the usual delivery.

“A white flour crust pizza is a doughnut with sauce and cheese on it,” Parsons says. Instead, a Naked Pizza starts with an “Ancestral Blend” crust consisting of 10 grains — including oats, spelt, brown rice and quinoa — as well as probiotics and prebiotics to aid digestion. That’s topped with all-natural tomato sauce and skim-milk mozzarella.

“There’s no sugar added. No preservatives. No freaky chemicals,” he says. This means lower calorie counts compared with competitor’s creations: A slice of Pizza Hut’s plain thin crust has 190 calories and 8 grams of fat, while a comparable slice from Naked is only 114 calories and has 5 grams of fat. Plus, Naked’s chewy crust boasts a richer flavor to complement a selection of fresh vegetable and hormone-free meat toppings.

Select your own, or pick from the list of pre-designed pies ($12.99-$16.99). Options range from the Superbiotic — which is piled with artichoke, spinach, bell pepper, mushroom, garlic, red onion and cilantro — to the Farmvil — with pepperoni, sausage, hamburger and ham. There’s also a gluten-free crust available ($9.99), but not much else. The stripped-down menu offers only two sides, a simple spinach salad ($5.99) and mozzarella-cheddar Ancestral Blend breadsticks ($5.99).

No matter what you choose to bring home for dinner, you might have some explaining to do about the name on the box. “I’m not saying that we won’t deliver to a nudist colony if they order,” jokes Parsons. “But that’s not our only target market.” Getting Naked is more for people who want to get buff than be in the buff.

The Binge Buzz
The same chemical reaction that gives pot smokers the munchies may also be triggered by scarfing down a carton of ice cream, according to a new study published in last week’s issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. It seems that ingesting fat makes us crave more fat, which may have made evolutionary sense. But it’s causing problems now.

Written by Express contributor Nevin Martell
Photo courtesy Nevin Martell