Those of you who stuck with “The Killing” until the bitter 13th hour and were shocked that the Murderer Was Not Revealed may be forgiven for wanting to give up TV mysteries forever.

Now you don’t have to, thanks to the PBS Masterpiece Mystery series “Zen” (9 p.m. on July 17, 24 and 31).

The titular detective, Aurelio Zen (Rufus Sewell, above), is allegedly the only honest cop in Rome. He lives with his mother, who exudes careworn allure as she clucks: “Don’t smoke on an empty stomach.” He wears Armani.

Unlike the slow, soggy “Killing,” “Zen” is sunny and action-packed. Episode one has five shootings, one car chase, a swim through a swirling cave river and elevator smooching to the tune of opera. It’s also adorably cheesy. Nearly everyone in the Rome police department has a British accent, and suspects say things like, “Believe me, detective, I have nothing to hide.”

Best of all, at the end of each 90-minute episode, the case is CLOSED! But not every viewer will be satisfied. Due to a jumble of characters and mumbled dialogue in the first episode, my wife asked: “Who the hell did it?”

Written by Express contributor Marc Silver
Photo courtesy of PBS