WELL JONAH HILL I DO DECLARE. You are no longer the over-weight best friend. You have moved to leading man status!”
AbioseMassaquoi.com reacts to seeing the star of ‘Superbad’ at the a British Academy of Film and Television Arts event last weekend.

“We’ve always thought DAVE GROHL WAS A MAN OF THE PEOPLE, what with his affable demeanor and all the hilarious videos from the Foo Fighters. Now, the frontman has proven us correct.”
Spinner.com enjoyed seeing the Foo Fighters front man throw a guy out of his concert after he was seen fighting at a show in London.

“Everything wrong and right in sports within 5 minutes. Right = Dewey Bozella. Wrong = Lindsey Vonn wanting a fbook pic with Beiber.”
@DaVinnieCode tweets while watching the ESPY’s last night. Bozella, a prison boxing champion who was wrongfully jailed for murder, was awarded the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. Vonn won the Outstanding Female Athlete award.

NOT HAVING A CELL also meant you had a good excuse for why you couldn’t be reached if not near a phone. … Not having cells meant actually having to show up on time for something, since you couldn’t just call on the fly to say you’ll be late. Still, I feel naked without the damn thing.”
NotEnoughTequila.blogspot.com had a hard time dealing after leaving their cell phone at home Thursday.