Seth, 25, left, is an account manager at a marketing firm. Brandon, 25, is a law student. They live in D.C.

The Main Event: On July 24, they’ll become the first same-sex couple to marry at Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah.

How They Met: At a St. Patrick’s Day party. “With some liquid courage, I walked over and started talking to him,” Brandon says. “‘Liquid courage’ doesn’t quite describe it,” Seth says. “He was pretty plastered, but he seemed nice.”

First Date: Sushi, sake and gelato on Seth’s birthday. “We ended up texting the whole night after the date,” he says.

How he Proposed: While on vacation in Puerto Rico, Seth gave Brandon a stuffed panda with a ring around its arm. Later, on a hike through the rain forest, Brandon dropped to one knee and asked Seth to marry him.

Making It Unique: Brandon says: “We were both raised Mormon — I was even a missionary — and think it’s kind of funny to have a gay wedding in Utah on Pioneer Day,” an official Utah state holiday commemorating the arrival of Mormons in Salt Lake Valley. “I guess we are kind of pioneers in our own way!”

Written by Express contributor Rachel Kaufman
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