Lizz Winstead has made a career out of lampooning the politicians and talking heads who fill our 24-hour news cycle, bringing political snark to the masses as co-creator of “The Daily Show.” These days, the writer, producer and stand-up is bringing up-to-the-minute commentary to MSNBC and sold-out venues across the country. This weekend, Winstead will stop by the Arlington Cinema ‘N’ Drafthouse to poke fun at the pundits and headlines we love to hate.

What can the wonks of D.C. expect from your upcoming show?
People [in D.C.] can actually hear jokes that don’t need to be explained. That’s what’s great about D.C. I can blab on about cable news and the crazy pundits, and it’s just fun.

Do you have a favorite pundit or cable news show?
I’m sort of obsessed with “Morning Joe,” only because Joe Scarborough reminds me of a younger version of my dad. I feel like I’m yelling at my dad and having a political fight with my dad.

Why do people love cable news so much?
I think people love “American Idol.” I think it’s a love-hate relationship with cable news. The constant editorializing of everything, it does get tiring — even from people whose side you like.

What do you see as the legacy of “The Daily Show”?
It feels like cable news looks at “The Daily Show” and instead of saying, “Oh, my god, is our news really that crappy?” they go, “Oh, I see what’s wrong with our show — we should be funnier!”

Do you see yourself entertaining or educating audiences?
It’s very hard to educate people with comedy because people have a short attention span. I think what I like to do is poke holes in a message when I see it and expose hypocrisy.

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Written by Express contributor Kristina Gray
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