ALTHOUGH MOST PEOPLE would point to the BEASTIE BOYS as examples of white dudes who helped send hip hop blazing into the mainstream, others might argue that JIMMY FALLON and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE did it better. Just kidding, no one would say that, but it is entertaining, nevertheless.” was impressed by the two performance of ‘The History of Rap Part 2’ on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ on NBC earlier this week.

BACK IN 2006, most of us were still emailing things to ourselves if we wanted to access a file on another computer; synchronized online documents were so far ahead of their time that they didn’t really catch on for a few years. If Google ever wanted to hipster out on the internet, Google Docs is all the cred it would need.” gives credit to Google Labs on the day of its closing, highlighting some of the products that it created, such as Google Maps, Google Suggest, and Google Alerts.

THEY SAY WHEN IT RAINS, it pours and the quote is holding true for R&B singer R. KELLY. … This is no good because dude is still out and about promoting ‘Love Letter.’ More importantly, he’s gonna need his throat if he has any plans of trying to get his house out of foreclosure. I wish you all the best!” reacts to news that the R&B singer was hospitalized and had an emergency throat surgery days after his home fell into foreclosure in suburban Chicago.

IF YOU’RE A DILIGENT get-spoiled-ASAP type, you’ve probably already seen the teaser trailer for “The Avengers.” Marvel may not have a presence here [at Comic-Con] this year, but of course they’ll take advantage of the assembled (no pun intended) by dropping a little material from the film. So, the teaser poster will do.” will take what they can get preview-wise from Marvel Studios, for the movie starring CHRIS EVANS, ROBERT DOWNEY JR., and SCARLETT JOHANSSON due out in 2012.

Photo courtesy NBC