Maria Menounos knows a thing or two about multitasking. After gigs as a reporter for “Today” and “Access Hollywood,” she discovered tricks to keep her life running smoothly. Now she’s sharing advice on everything from styling your hair to climbing the corporate ladder in her new book, “The EveryGirl’s Guide to Life” ($20, It Books).

We’re used to seeing you working the red carpet or interviewing people like the Obamas. What makes you an EveryGirl?
I think the way I grew up. Whenever I have the opportunity to do something myself, I do it, whether it’s painting my house or tiling a floor. I’m on a budget, and I want to do other things, so I’m very frugal.

Why share what you know?
My parents were immigrants to this country, and they taught me so much. But there were things they weren’t able to teach me. It was a struggle growing up, and I identify with people who’ve had similar struggles, whether it’s a weight-loss struggle, financial struggle, or organizational struggle. I’ve gone through it all and learned the hard way. I can now juggle it because I have great systems in place, and I want to share that with people.

Most people would love getting their hair and makeup done every day, but you do it yourself. Why?
In this last year, I realized that I started getting really busy, to the point that I couldn’t do it all. I realized that if I took hair and makeup out of my schedule, I would be able to save two hours a day. And I needed that time.

What are some key hair and makeup tips you’d give to other women out there?
Women struggle so much with hair and makeup, but the reality is they’re not putting any time into it. They’re buying a bunch of products, but they’ve never learned the trade. Take a lesson. Or even go to the makeup counter and have one of the women help you. It would save you so much money.

When it comes to your wardrobe, you like to keep things simple.
With everything, simplicity is key. You spend less money if you keep it to the basics and then use accessories to change your look. When you go to Forever 21 and see the price tags on the accessories there, it’s really affordable nowadays to have trendy, cool pieces that make your wardrobe look totally different one day to the next.

You’re a DIY home renovator. Any advice for rookies?
One of my mottoes is, “Ask and you shall receive.” How about this for an idea? I volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. If you go there and volunteer and do a wonderful thing for someone, you’ll actually learn how to do some things.

You’ve interviewed a lot of celebs. Anyone on your wish list?
A great sit-down with Oprah. That would be fun.

Written by Express contributor Beth Lubereki
Photo courtesy It Books