Kristin, 31, works at Booz Allen Hamilton. Neil, 29, is an engineer. They live in North Bethesda, Md.

The Main Event: A black tie, 250-guest affair on Aug. 6 in San Diego.

How They Met: At work. “Neil was writing code for a specific system, and I was supposed to break his code.”

First Impressions: He thought she was “a liberal hippie type.” She thought, “Great, another quiet engineer. Let’s see if this one actually looks me in the eye instead of staring at my shoes.”

First Date: Many nights of hanging out after work.

How He Proposed: Neil’s first planned proposal failed when Kristin sprained her foot. He waited a week, then asked for her hand at the Tidal Basin.

Most-Hated Clothing Item: His SpongeBob boxers.

Their Song: Kristin’s a fan of Avril Lavigne’s “When You’re Gone.”

Stupidest Fight: His lack of a proposal, just after she sprained her foot. His response: “What if I was going to propose this weekend but your foot messed it up?”

Written by Express contributor Rachel Kaufman
Photo by Tom Otto Photography

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