My obsession with Norway leaves friends scratching their noggins, usually because they haven’t been exposed to much about the small Scandinavian country. Before the tragedy that took place on July 22, most Americans were in the same position. Now, they know just one horrible thing that happened there.

Music first piqued my interest in Norway. After three visits there, the awe-inspiring scenery and incredible people led me to its literature, film and art, too. But music is still my greatest connection to this land.

When I think of Norway, I recall the gorgeous work of saxophonist Hakon Kornstad, shown, the sublime interactions of jazz trio In the Country, the otherworldly ruminations of trumpeter-vocalist Arve Henriksen and the serenity of Tord Gustavsen’s piano. I think of the swagger of rocker Ida Maria; and the ferocity of metal bands Enslaved, Satyricon and 1349. I remember the electro-jazz stylings of Nils Petter Molvaer and Eivind Aarset, and the humanity of singer-songwriter Thomas Dybdahl’s breathtaking voice. And this is just the tip of the fjord.

This is my Norway. Search out the work of these great artists and make it yours, too.

Written by Express contributor Christopher Porter
Photo by Erik Buraas