“TODAY, 30 YEARS LATER, MTV (NO LONGER REFERRED TO AS “MUSIC TELEVISION”) IS COMPLETELY UNRECOGNIZABLE as the channel it was when it debuted … but it’s influence on the modern world can still be felt (if, at the very least, in other ways).”
PinkIsTheNewBlog.com reflects on the 30th anniversary of the iconic cable channel, now known more for reality shows than music videos.

“JOKES OR NO JOKES (and is a joke about DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ever really a joke?), by Monday the topic had been largely hijacked by people disgusted by the fact that such a repulsive element of our society was trending.”
— Madeline White of Theglobeandmail.com‘s “The
Hot Button”
explains the strongly negative reaction to the Twitter trending topic
#reasonstobeatyourgirlfriend, which appeared to advocate domestic violence, helped fuel its viral nature.

“YOU ARE THE VP OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Act like it instead of trying to bring dishonor to America. What happened to statesmanship and civility. After what happened to REP GABBY GIFFORDS, there was a call for toned down rhetoric, but the DEMOCRATS are all talk. NORWAY just suffered a tragedy, do you not care what you are saying????. You want civil discourse. SHAME ON YOU, CHAMP! SHAME on all of you.”
— A commentator at Politico.com reacts to news that Vice President Joe Biden agreed with Rep. Mike Doyle’s comment that Democrats had “negotiated with terrorists” during the debt limit debate.