“[I’ve] been a fan of Murs since [his song] ‘Dark Skinned Whitegirl,’ and THE MERGER WITH TABI [BONNEY] WAS BOUND TO PRODUCE A GEM. This is that gem.”
KnowPreservatives.com thinks the new video for their song ‘Hip Hop and Love,’ released Tuesday, is a classic. ART: from actual video, anywhere from 2:30 mark or so (red jumpsuits)

“IT’S KIND OF A DRAGE TO SEE A LONGTIME INSTITUTION BEING PUSHED OUT IN FAVOR OF A CHAIN, but that appears to be the way Cleveland Park is heading these days.”
DCist.com laments the news that the Irish Pub Four Provinces on Connecticut Avenue is closing its doors on November 5 and rumors have it that McFadden’s may be replacing it.

“Suddenly it’s sinking in how long ago the 90’s were. TWO decades ago! Nothing illustrates this better than the metamorphosis of Sinead O’Connor.”
JanetCharltonsHollywood.com was stunned by pictures of O’Connor that surfaced from her appearance last weekend at an Irish Music Festival in which she wore “a sensible haircut and glasses.”

“The Pittsburgh Steelers are like any NFL team, a collection of men living out boyhood dreams. WELL, A SELECT FEW WILL GET THE CHANCE TO DOUBLE DOWN ON BOYHOOD WISHES.”
JayReas.com finds it pretty cool that a couple of players on the team will appear in the newest Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, as members of the football team the Gotham Rogues.