THE ORIGINAL SPECULATION over Bert’s and Ernie’s unusual relationship and jocular jokes being made about their homosexuality COMES FROM A MILDLY HOMOPHOBIC PLACE. If they were accused of being gay in the past, it wasn’t out of PRIDE. Yes, they live together and sleep in the same bed room (twin beds, very repressed 1950s, I’m sure). Yes, they argue constantly just like a real couple. You know what else? THEY’RE FELT PUPPETS.” thinks that an online petition aimed at getting Sesame Street to marry the two iconic characters in an episode is in fact, misguided.

IT’S CERTAINLY UNDERSTANDABLE how rationalization of this type of ”gamesmanship„ treads a fine line. Depending on your stance, other similar aspects of the game become a little trickier to condone or condemn. When does ”crafty gamesmanship„ become unsportsmanlike shenanigans?” reacts to an ESPN The Magazine story in which the Toronto Blue Jays are accused of benefitting from a man in the centerfield stands at the Rogers Centre tipping pitches to the home team for the past two seasons.

I ADMIT THAT OVER THE YEARS my idea of ”how old is too old„ has changed. Part of that is my increasing age, but a bigger part has come from the patients themselves. … When is someone too old for plastic surgery? There’s not an easy answer. I think it comes down to an individual. To their health. To their reasons. To their expectations.”, a plastic surgeon in Little Rock, Ark., reacts to the story of Marie Kolstad, who got breast implants recently at 83, because she claims she wants her children to be proud of what she looks like.