What would you recommend to a 33-year-old mother of four very rambunctious boys? I want to buy myself something that’s sporty but also a little hipper and less matronly than most tennis shoes. Lindsay

Manolo says, what would the Manolo recommend? Boarding school!

Ha! The Manolo jokes!

Actually, seeing the young peoples with the large families always makes the Manolo happy, for they recall to him his own blissful childhood as the next-to-the-youngest of 14 tatterdemalion children.

Such joy in numbers! Never did the Manolo have to wait for his mother, Maria Jesus de Carmen, to arrange for him the “playdate” with the coddled child with the strangely Scottish first name, such as MacKenzie, or McIntosh or McDuff. There was always someone to kick the ball, or skip the rope, or catch the lizards and dress them in the tin foil shoes which the Manolo had designed for them.

Of the course, the family of the Manolo was not rich. And more than once the 14 children of the Maria Jesus de Carmen and the Gustavo went to bed without the meal. But such privations are nothing compared to the joy the Manolo felt on those days when it was his turn to wear the family pair of shoes!

The driving moccasins should be the staple in wardrobe of any stylish woman. Here is the Kenna driving moccasin from Ecco ($150, Zappos.com) in the seasonally appropriate burnt-orange color.

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