Koki, 29, is a real estate broker. Jess, 27, is an associate director at a health care consulting firm. They live in D.C.

The Main Event: Aug. 20 in Philadelphia. They hired a string quartet of high school kids to play music for the ceremony, which will blend Nigerian and Jewish traditions (Nigerian garb, a chuppah).

How They Met: At Union Jack’s in Bethesda. She gave him her card. A month later, they met again at a pizza restaurant, but neither recognized the other until they swapped cards again. Says Jess: “It felt like we were given another chance to get to know each other.”

First Date: Local 16 on U Street.

First Kiss: After their first date, at Local 16.

How He Proposed: They went for a jog to Gravelly Point in Arlington. When the limo Koki had hired pulled up, he got down on one knee and asked the big question.

Their Song: “‘So High’ by John Legend, because our relationship has taken us to places so high we never imagined,” Koki says.

Stupidest Fight: “I wasn’t happy with the way Jess did the dishes, so I told her she wasn’t allowed to do dishes anymore.”

Written by Express contributor Rachel Kaufman. Read about more local couples’ unions in The Washington Post’s On Love section.