» “YES, [IT WAS] CRAZY FUN. Best part was when a catering dude came to set with a plate of sandwiches. Caterer: Turkey or roast beef sandwich? Jay-Z: You got any peanut butter & jelly up in there? #NeverThoughtIdHearJayZAsk4aPBandJ.”
@AzizAnsari tweeted about his experience on the set of Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s video “Otis,” in which the comedian, left, made a few cameos.

» “[REBA] McENTIRE WORKS THE STAGE as well as women half her age, no doubt the reason she’s been able to maintain a three-decade-long career in country music. … Few do television better than she does; those sharp blue eyes always seem to know where the camera is, and she locks in until her moment’s over.”
TasteOfCountry.com thought McEntire’s performance of her new song “Turn On The Radio” at the CMA Music Festival broadcast on ABC from Nashville on Sunday night was superb.

» “DENNIS RODMAN IS QUITE THE CHARACTER. He has done some pretty wacky things over the course of his career and after that have put him in a bad light. [But] he showed behind all the crazy hats and feather boas he is still human, and got so choked up he couldn’t speak the first minute he was on stage.”
QueenOfSports.com thought the NBA player’s Hall of Fame acceptance speech about the role his friends and family played in his career was touching on Saturday.

Screengrab courtesy YouTube