» “EXCELLENT DECISION on the promoter’s part. What kind of [jerk] accuses a man of being a pedophile then wants to play at his memorial concert?? Take a walk, [Gene] Simmons, you moron.”
— A commenter at TMZ.com was glad to hear that Simmons’ band, KISS, has backed out of a Michael Jackson tribute concert, set for Oct. 8 in Wales.

» “LADY GAGA ARRIVES IN NEBRASKA and announces her candidacy for the 2012 presidential election as part of the Independent/Monster Party. Um, stranger things have happened. See: 2008.”
Buzzworthy.MTV.com relayed one of the suggestions a reader sent in about what Gaga’s new video “You and I” will be about, after Gaga said the premise is about trekking all the way from New York City to Nebraska. The video, which premieres on mtv Thursday, was shot in that state.

» “BRADLEY COOPER IS APPARENTLY going to let bygones be bygones, as he won’t be rising from the dead on a mission of vengeance after all. We had a feeling something was going to have to be dropped from Cooper’s crazy schedule.”
Starpulse.com wasn’t upset to see Cooper step away from a remake of “The Crow,” adding, “we never quite pictured Cooper as Eric Draven, but we were willing to go with it.”

» “PAYING $2,700 FOR A STUDIO apartment doesn’t seem like it leaves much left over for weekly shopping at Whole Foods, unless of course you’ve got your parents’ credit card.”
— A commenter at DCist.com reacts to news that Whole Foods is opening a location off of Washington Circle, near George Washington University, on Sept. 6.

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images