» “WE’RE NOT GOING TO CALL these revelations surprising, but it is somewhat rare to hear a player open up this way about his former team. The Semin comments should be particularly worrisome for Caps fans, as Bradley essentially confirms what so many have speculated about his approach to the game.”
Blogs.TheScore.com reacts to a radio interview that former Capital Matt Bradley gave, in which he said about Alexander Semin, above, “he’s one guy who has so much talent, he could easily be the best player in the league, and just for whatever reason, just doesn’t care.”

» “OUT OF CURIOSITY, I morphed Josh Brolin and George W. Bush together to see if I would get Rick Perry. Kinda close.”
— Bruce Handy at VanityFair.com thinks that the 43rd president and the actor who played him in the 2008 movie “W,” both bear a resemblance to Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a Republican who is running for president.

» “WHAT’S BETTER THAN a cooler full of ice cold beer? A cooler full of ice cold beer that you don’t have to carry because it’s being pushed by 50 CCs of ownage. 23-year-old Christopher Ian Petrie should have been given a medal for his little invention. Unfortunately, he was issued a DUI instead.”
RegretfulMorning.com feels bad for the Australian guy who was caught driving drunk on his cooler, adding, “unless his lawyer is Keanu Reeves from “The Devil’s Advocate,” I think he’ll be getting slapped with a fine.”

Photo courtesy Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post