Puneet, 29, is an attorney. Avani, 29, is a pharmacist. They live in Arlington.

The Main Event: Avani’s family’s priest is officiating their traditional Hindu ceremony, in Philadelphia on Aug. 27.

How They Met: Puneet’s sister set them up.

First Impressions: “She’s hot. She won’t be interested in me,” says Puneet.

First Date: A sushi restaurant.

How He Proposed: In Chicago, on a Lake Michigan beach. “One of our favorite places in the world,” Avani says.

Their Song: “Stand By Me.” “The movie was my favorite when I was a kid,” Puneet says. “One day, when we started dating, Avani asked if that could be ‘our song.'”

When He Knew: “I remember thinking I wanted to marry her every time she gave me the first bite if we share food, or the last bite if I am staring at her food.”

Celebrating Heritage: As is common in Indian weddings, the groom will arrive on a horse. But “since riding a horse from Puneet’s family’s home in Chicago to Philadelphia would be pretty hard, our horse is going to go around the block.”

Written by Express contributor Rachel Kaufman. Read about more local couples’ unions in The Washington Post’s On Love section.