» “DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS ASIDE — and the design is pretty brutal — when the coach begins his remarks at the unveiling event by parroting the uniform manufacturer’s slogan (yes, those were literally the first words out of his mouth), you’ve pretty much abandoned any pretense of this being anything other than a corporate masturbation session, a retailing showcase, and a sham.”
Uni-Watch.com is not a fan of the University of Maryland football team’s new uniforms, which were designed by Under Armour and unveiled Monday night.

» “NICK ASHFORD WAS HALF of the legendary Motown songwriting duo Ashford & Simpson who penned more astonishing songs than you’ve had hot dinners.”
HecklerSpray.com mourns the loss of Ashford, who died Monday night reportedly from complications due to throat cancer. Ashford and his longtime wife Valerie Simpson were songwriters and performers together.

» “PFFF. GET BACK TO WORK people! It’s not the first time D.C. area has had one.”
— A commenter at GreaterGreaterWashington.org quickly tired of the social media crush after Tuesday’s quake.

» “WOW, I WAS JUST SITTING in my office in Petworth and my lamp about fell off the desk. The room shook pretty violently for what felt like 30 seconds. I’ve gotten emails from Georgetown to Capitol Hill to Columbia Heights all saying the same thing.”
PrinceOfPetworth.com reacts to the earthquake that hit the D.C. area Tuesday afternoon, which hit 5.8 on the richter scale and reportedly was felt as far north as Toronto.

Photo courtesy The Washington Post