Deleted Scenes guitarist-singer Dan Scheuerman writes intimate songs, rich in personal details about struggles with drugs, meditations on dying and odes to his beloved. But you might not catch the confessional nature of Deleted Scenes’ second record, “Young People’s Church of the Air” (Sockets), because Scheuerman’s quiet avowals are usually swimming in a whirlpool of sound, off-kilter rhythms and general sonic trickery.

The D.C.-Brooklyn band’s debut, 2009’s “Birdseed Shirt,” was equally open emotionally, but its music was more straightforward indie rock, and thus its sentiments were easier to intuit. You need to concentrate on the layered “Young People’s Church of the Air” hymns to grasp their meanings.

While it’s named after the syndicated evangelical radio program, this album isn’t religious in nature — even if the opening track, “A Litany for Ms. T,” ends with Scheuerman singing the Christian-esque, “Hallelujah, I’m home!” in reference to where the dearly departed spend eternity. Deleted Scenes’ songs may address the supernatural, but what Scheuerman sings about is profoundly human.

Photo courtesy Sockets Records