Thanks to the impending double-dip recession, the earthquake, the hurricane and my usual slacker ways, I’m a little late getting my fall wardrobe together this year. What’s the hot color for this season? I need something that will make me feel better about life in general. Please help! — Bridget

Manolo says frankly, the Manolo is ready for the 2011 to be over today, so dismal has it been thus far.

But then the 2012 is not looking so good at the moment, either, what with the presidential election and the Mayan Calendar Stones Apocalypse both predicted to rend the fabric of civilization in the coming year.

Well, as the peoples say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going, while the rest of us, like the Manolo, who are not so tough, get going home, where they lie down on the couch with the cold compress over their eyes and they take the little nap.

Later, after the light dinner, and perhaps the revivifying kir royale, the not-so-tough might then thumb through the latest catalog from the Fifth Avenue of Saks, where they will discover that the hottest color of the season is “bordeaux,” which is strangely similar to “burgundy.” Look! Here is the Paramour from B Brian Atwood ($450,, the autumnal, bordeaux ankle boot in suede and snake print that will make even the gloomiest of gussies feel better about the upcoming season.