I’ve lived in Silver Spring for 17 years, and I’ve watched its transformation into a citified suburb with a proper little arts scene. Yet it’s still a thrill when special events take place here. It’s not out of neediness or an inferiority complex; it simply means I don’t have to fight D.C. traffic to have a night out.

On Thursday, Mary J. Blige opens the new Fillmore concert venue. And on Wednesday, the 10th edition of the experimental music festival Sonic Circuits kicks off at AFI Silver with a special performance by local group Stylus, which will use 10 vintage record players and two cellos to soundtrack the silent films “Lot in Sodom” (1933) and “Emak-Bakia” (1926).

A full fest lineup can be found at Dc-soniccircuits.org, but I’m most looking forward to Sunday’s “Silver Spring Sound Machine,” curated by Layne Garrett, above, at Veterans Plaza. People are invited to bring everything from boomboxes to door hinges to construct a giant musical junk pile that will be paraded around the heart of Silver Sprung.

One person’s noise sculpture is another person’s home.