When I first wrote you, I was 14, entering high school and unsure of shoe choices. Now, my senior year, I need your help once more. I need a shoe that tells freshmen, “I rule the school, but will still take you under my wing and show you the roller coaster that is high school.” A summer of nannying and future baby-sitting appointments make price not a concern. — Margo

Manolo says, ayyy, the Manolo has been giving out the shoe advice for so long that entire generations of the schoolchildren have grown to womanhood!

Happily, it appears that the counsel of the Manolo, about how to achieve better living and social domination through beautiful shoes, is having the desired effect.

Indeed, it is clear that the Manolo’s friend Margo, through careful attention to the Tao of the Manolo, has made it to the pinnacle of teenaged human achievement — the cool, senior girl’s table in the high-school cafeteria — without losing her humanity. Yes, she rules the school with the iron fist (hidden behind the velvet pompom) but she has not neglected the little peoples who are her subjects.

Truly, this is our definition of gracious majesty, for Margo has learned one of the central truths of the Way of the Manolo: With great shoes comes great responsibility.

Here, in the gray suede, is the Jerico from Vigotti ($139, Zappos) the reasonably priced ankle boot with the rock ’n’ roll zipper-cuff detail.