We die. Or, well, we’re at least glad that “The Rachel Zoe Project” just launched its fourth season on Bravo (Tues., 10 p.m.). This go-around, Zoe, known for her boho-goddess look and dramatic proclamations, juggles impending motherhood, launching her own clothing line and dealing with famous (or infamous) clients, including at least one Kardashian.

Did having a baby change your style?
Well, my baby is 5 months old, so I have to be a bit more practical than I was before. I have to wear a lot of black because spit-ups happen so often, and I can’t wear a lot of sequins or buttons or anything that could be harmful to him. But, other than that, I’m just wearing what I wore in my regular life.

How can new moms keep stylish with a young baby?
You really have to have a lot of favorites and go-to basics in your closet that make your life easier. There are pieces that look great all the time and are also really comfortable. They tend to work really well when you only have two minute to get dressed, so I recommend investing in pieces that fit you really well, like jeans or great leggings with an oversized sweater.

What stylish things is your baby wearing?
He wears a lot of great onesies by Ralph Lauren, the Gap and Petit Bateau. There are so many options for babies right now. I just always make sure the pieces are comfortable and that the cotton is organic.

Being a stylist, are you planning on being your son’s fashion guru when he gets older?
No, I’m going to have no control over what he wears or his style. I know I’ll have zero control. I’m just enjoying dressing him right now, because I’m expecting everything will change the minute he knows his name.

You lived in Washington when you attended GWU. What do you think of D.C. style?
Ha! D.C. is so conservative. More conservative than most cities I’ve lived in, but that’s because it’s always had a very classic sense of style. I couldn’t tell you how it’s evolved. It’s been a long time since I visited.

What’s your favorite fall trend?
I’m wearing a lot of menswear, and I’m really happy women are picking up on the trend. It’s one of the ways that women look the sexiest. It’s a way to be sexy in a subtle way without revealing too much. It also exudes power and confidence.

You have some new assistants on the show this season. What qualities make a good one?
The primary things I look for are honesty and loyalty. But an assistant also needs a great eye for style and enthusiasm for wanting to learn. I’ve been lucky. I’m finally at a place in my company where I have a tremendous team, and we all love coming to work every day.