Joel, 27, is a patent examiner. Stephanie, 30, works for the National League of Cities. They live in Alexandria.

The Main Event: A small wedding in her godparents’ backyard in Ada, Ohio, on Oct. 15.

Honeymoon: They’re going to Disney World. “No, seriously,” Joel says.

How They Met: On

First Impressions: “I was impressed with the proper grammar in his emails.”

First Kiss: On their second date, despite the fact that Stephanie’s sinuses were acting up. “We were slow-dancing to a country song, and at the end I went in for the kiss,” Joel says. “Learned that move in high school.”

How He Proposed: He sent her a stuffed monkey and a note asking her to meet him after work. He popped the question in front of the Andrew Jackson statue near the White House.

When They Knew: They were on the verge of breaking up but decided to go to her family reunion together, since they’d already planned to. “We ended up having the best time. I realized I didn’t want to be without her.”

Family Traditions: ”My grandparents eloped. My parents gave one week’s notice for their wedding. Our wedding was planned in two months,” Stephanie says.