"You smell like Bacon."

Let’s hear it for the boy! The “Footloose” remake hits screens Friday, so try to shake your groove thing without spilling the popcorn. Kevin Bacon’s original Ren will always have a place on cinema’s dance floor, but plenty of other stars have also boogied down.

Gene Kelly, “Singin’ in the Rain”
This 1952 musical has lots of catchy tunes, but one man, an umbrella and the luckiest street lamp in the world will always define this film.

The Chimney Sweep Chorus, “Mary Poppins”
OK, they aren’t stars. But the “Step in Time” ensemble steals Dick Van Dyke’s thunder with a performance so frenetic you’d think the choreographer of this 1964 Disney flick found his muse mainlining espresso.

John Travolta, “Saturday Night Fever”
Take one dancer. Add one white leisure suit. Sprinkle with disco balls and let a legend loose.

Jennifer Grey, “Dirty Dancing”
For a legion of preteens, 1987’s greatest moment was when Baby nailed the lift. But there’s also a place for the time she bails on it and ad-libs some hilarious arm movements.

Amanda Schull, “Center Stage”
The best part of this terrible 2000 film is when protagonist Jody manages to change her outfit, don red toe shoes and get her hair cornrowed in the span of three seconds.