In mid-November, I’m attending a wedding in Montreal. I already have two pairs of shoes for the ceremony and the reception picked out. However, I need something both stylish and warm to wear around town while I’m there. Is this combination possible? What do you suggest? — Meryl

Manolo says the last time the Manolo visited Quebec, it was the few years ago, in the February, when the weather was clear, beautiful and freezingly cold, with the outside temperature hovering somewhere around 7,000 degrees below zero.

Of the course, this did not dissuade the Quebecois from racing their mobiles of snow through the woods at all hours of the day, wide-open throttle in one hand, semi-frozen Molson beer in the other.

But such hardy outdoor pastimes are not for the Manolo, who, like the iguana, is the warm-weather creature of the Earth, one which prefers basking himself on the rock in the sun to having the parts of his nose fall off from the icy bite of the Señor Jack Frost.

But to each his own, eh? Far be it from the Manolo to suggest that people who race snowmobiles and voluntarily eat the cheese-curd-gravy-and-french-fried dish known as poutine may in some way be slightly off.

Here is Aprelle from Ugg ($350, Zappos), the wedge, shearling boot that will keep you looking good and feeling warm until spring.