As with Bjork’s latest immersive multiplatform work, “Biophilia,” D.C. beatmakers Bluebrain are making music with Apple in mind.

But where Bjork’s album is made up of a series of iPhone/iPad apps that feature songs, Bluebrain bros Ryan and Hays Holladay, left, have curated a collection of sounds — melodies, harmonies, rhythms — that take on different GPS-affected shapes depending on where you are located with your iPhone or iPad 3G.

Bluebrain released “The National Mall” — billing it as the first location-aware record — in the spring, and earlier this month unleashed “Central Park: Listen to the Light” in the iTunes store. (Both are free.) The albums are akin to choose-your-own-adventure stories but are told through sound and use your body as the conductor.

The projects take Brian Eno’s ideas about generative music and wrest a degree of listener control back from the computer algorithms. It’s a special experience worth ditching your Android over.

Also check out: Bluebrain’s 2010 disc “Soft Power” and 2009’s “Cult Following” on iTunes.