One of the most irritating aspects of the grocery store checkout line is the rack of magazines above the conveyor belt, with its barrage of covers featuring movie stars in tight or non-existent clothing. The sight could drive you to buy fistfuls of candy bars, or it could lead you directly to Equinox. The health club chain’s newest class, Blockbuster Body, promises students a celebrity physique.

What It Is: For this action-adventure, you won’t need a single prop — it’s just you versus your body weight for an eclectic hour of drills. There are elements of parkour, martial arts and track practice, along with core killers and plenty of stretching. Although it’s not clear whether famous people of any kind have ever done this workout, it’s a safe bet that you haven’t. Instructor Heather Tierney’s never taught a group exercise class that changed it up as much as this one. “You do eight to 10 reps and then boom, you’re on to something different,” she says.

Moves: Get down on all fours for a series of animal crawls across the floor of the studio. There’s a menagerie of options, including one in which everyone lines up and pretends to be cats making their way along a ledge, slinking as quickly as possible. Eventually, you’ll stand up for skips, high knees and sprints. For the rest of class, you’ll stay in place — but you’ll keep moving. Expect a kickboxing segment and multiple varieties of push-ups. The finale is an abs segment with some unusual maneuvers, such as laying down on one side and lifting up your legs and head for a “banana hold.”

Workout: You know how your heart starts racing during scary scenes in horror flicks? Expect a similar sensation after the crawls and sprints. And just like action stars who keep fighting despite being in pain from a gunshot wound, you’ll probably be wincing a bit as you keep doing those pushups. But there are multiple options for students, so you can always scale down the intensity.

Crowd: Women may have difficulty landing leading roles in Hollywood hits, but they are well represented in this classroom. At a recent class, there wasn’t a single dude. But the ladies didn’t have time to notice. “The hour goes so fast,” said Marisa Cruz, 25, who wasn’t the only student with a rave review.

Blockbuster Body is offered at Equinox Bethesda (4905 Elm St.) Tue. at 6:30 p.m. and Wed. at 8:30 a.m. It’s at the Tysons Corner Equinox (8065 Leesburg Pike, Vienna) Mon. at 9:30 a.m., Tue. at noon, Wed. at 8:30 a.m. and Sat. at 8 a.m.