Chris Evans, I imagine, is plagued with the problems of a beautiful person. No one thinks that the leggy blonde has a brain; no one thinks the man with the titanium abs can act. Evans, who stars in the indie “Puncture,” opening Friday, clearly took the role of a scruffy, drug-addicted, tattooed, prostitute-frequenting attorney in an effort to dirty himself up. Though “Puncture” was filmed before Evans and his pecs starred in this past summer’s “Captain America,” he was already getting pigeonholed in hot-guy roles, such as Johnny Storm in “Fantastic Four.”

“Puncture” isn’t a great film, but Evans gives a great performance. He turned in a great performance in “Captain America,” too, though, giving nuance to a character who’s by definition so straight you could use him to hang wallpaper. Still, I understand why Evans felt the need to get grungy — so audiences (and casting directors) would look past his humminah-humminah good looks.

This isn’t a new phenomenon — attractive actresses have packed on pounds, applied prosthetics or played serial killers to get critical acclaim, and good-looking actors have hit the Krispy Kreme and stopped showering to garner awards. I wish Evans had chosen a stronger film to show his grunged-up mettle, because there’s an actor inside that body who’s worth noticing.