I would like to find some black sneakers that I can walk and do tai chi in but that still convey a modicum of chic. Is it possible to be chic in sneakers? — Katie

Manolo says, the Manolo tried the tai chi once, and indeed found it to be pleasantly revivifying, what with the sugar, and the milk, and the cardamom.

Oh, wait. Perhaps that was the chai tea.

Well, whatever. The healthful cup of tea and the brisk strolling along the boulevards of the city are about as far as the Manolo is willing to go in the way of the exotic health regimes. Certainly, he would never spend the hour in the park moving ponderously from the “Distended Crane” to the “Perturbed Ostrich” pose and back again.

But, to each her own, yes? And if the Manolo’s friend, and millions of Chinese grannies, find such things to be helpful, then who is the Manolo to object to them?

As for the sneaker chic, the Manolo would send his friend to the country that invented chic, or at least the word “chic,” France.

Here in black and red is the Tennis Elastique from Bensimon ($55), the classic tennis shoe of French ladies, now available in the United States.