I never intended Sound Bets to be a column so frequently about geezer punk. But there are so many worthwhile collections of classic harDCore bands out recently that I can’t contain my 1983 “support the scene” instincts.

This summer, venerable local label Dischord posted MP3 reissues of dance-punk pioneers El Guapo’s first three albums and two full-length collections by experimentalists Rain Like the Sound of Trains, and the legendary Fugazi is setting up a website where fans can download every show the band played. Two more ancient hardcore projects from Dischord’s vaults are also now available: Faith’s “Subject to Change + First Demo” and Void’s “Sessions 1981-83.” The punk bands were always linked due to a 1982 split LP, but where Faith was earnest and direct, Void was sarcastic, chaotic and metallic.

“Sessions” features Void’s demos and two live tunes, including the last song the band, above, ever played. Its evolution from chunky punk to frenzied mania is still exhilarating to hear 30 years later, even if now we’re all mostly chunky punks.

Download Now: Hear Void and Faith MP3s at Soundcloud.com/dischordpress.