Kevin, 32, is a Department of Defense analyst. Ashley, 26, is a dental hygienist. They live in Arlington.

The Main Event: They wed Oct. 22 at a hotel in Crystal City.

How They Met: On the NAKID kickball team “Blumpkins.”

First Impressions: “I thought he was a bit of a jerk because he threw a trash bag with our team shirts at me.” “I thought she was hot, but I was making sure she could catch by throwing a garbage bag at her. Turns out she can’t.”

First Date: He invited her to a University of Maryland-Eastern Michigan football game. “Being from Michigan, I couldn’t say no!”

How He Proposed: On a Potomac River booze cruise with two of Ashley’s friends. “He got in front of everyone on the boat and announced how much he loved me.”

Their Song: LMFAO’s “Shots,” “because we love to fist-pump and do shots.”

Pet Names: She’s his “Bug”; he’s “Mister.”

Making It Unique: The 150-person wedding’s dress code was formal, but the music was not, Ashley says. “No edited versions for us.”

Eww, Cake: Instead of “gross” wedding cake, the couple treated their guests to a sundae bar.