President Obama is sad that his daughters watch “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” His wife doesn’t mind: “I’m more concerned with how they take it in: What did you learn when you watched that?”
Who’s right, POTUS or FLOTUS? To find out, I watched an episode. Here’s what Sasha and Malia would have learned:

1. Do not wear $75,000 diamond earrings when standing on a pier by the ocean, because your boyfriend might throw you in and an earring might fall out!

2. Earring loser Kim cries, but a sister puts it in perspective: “There’s people that are dying.”

3. Kardashian Mom wisely observes: “That’s why we have insurance.”

4. Kardashian Mom further observes, “Just breathe and everything’s going to be fine.”

5. Moms are always right! Kim’s posse dives into the ocean and finds the huge sparkly earring.

6. Words to live by from boyfriend Kris: “If you couldn’t handle losing it or can’t afford to lose it, you shouldn’t own it.”

In conclusion: Lighten up, Mr. Prez! “The Kardashians” is practically a Modern-day Manual of Moral Instruction.