I am planning on showing solidarity with Occupy Wall Street this weekend, and I am looking for a shoe that shows I am “of” the 99 percent, yet is stylish enough to be worn later in the evening to a casual cocktail party. What are your thoughts? — Briana

Manolo says, ayyyy! This is the sort of question the Manolo dreads, in which the petitioner hopes to find the single pair of the shoes suitable for wearing to the two wildly different events.

For the example, “Dear Manolo, my new boyfriend, Clem, has finally agreed to go to see ‘La Traviata,’ on the condition that we stop by his father’s shack on the way to the opera house to witness a traditional rural event called ‘hog killin’.’ What would you recommend?”

The Manolo would recommend the new boyfriend, but, if such is not possible, then he would recommend packing your good clothing and nice shoes in the double-thickness plastic bags and changing into them later in the Stop-n-Go restroom.

In this case, however, given the reports of the poor sanitation at the OWS encampments and the possibility of rioting, the Manolo would recommend the wearing of the sturdy, thick-soled boots, but since his friend is going to the cocktail party afterward, she will have to take her chances with something slightly more refined.

Here is the Nalanni from Ted Baker ($330, Zappos), the platform lace-up bootie that will keep you both radically chic and out of the muck.