Mother Nature corners the market on gangsta. These plants did not deserve to die like this.”
@WhatNowAndWhy tweeted about the unusual October snowstorm that hit the region on Saturday.

This show was so fearless and on the edge in its heyday..glad to see it back.”
— A commenter at is glad to hear that Keenen Ivory Wayans will produce two half-hour specials based on his classic sketch comedy series for FOX, set to air in the spring of 2012.

I’ve been told Live Nation owned venues tend to be less than spectacular when it comes to service. And after last night, I can definitely attest to that.” had a less than pleasant experience with the staff at The Fillmore Saturday night when seeing Chromeo at the Silver Spring venue.

Elevator etiquette is to wait for the next one. This kind of thing is an epidemic in New York; people have no concept of waiting for the next elevator or subway when one is packed, it’’s all about them.”
— A commenter at reacts to the story of a packed elevator that malfunctioned at the Gramercy Park Hotel in Manhattan, sending a group of 14 actors and directors plummeting 8 floors after a film premiere party last week.

So the program sounds nothing like Jersey Shore — more “like something between C-Span for cool kids crossed with Politically Incorrect without a moderator.” Given that the 2012 election in itself, with its near-weekly debates and the affinity one develops for the characters as the months role along, is already looking a bit like a reality show itself, they may not be all that farfetched an idea.” thinks that Doron Ofir, the casting directory behind Jersey Shore, and his new show idea called ‘Party Politics’ featuring 21-to-35-year-olds living together and discussing politics could be a hit.