Kim, 53, works for the USDA. Rod, 49, is a contractor for the Maryland State Highway Administration. They will live in Hyattsville, Md.

The Main Event: On Nov. 5, they’ll wed in a semiformal ceremony with 150 friends and family in attendance.

How They Met: At a jazz club in the Hilton in McLean, Va. Kim’s sister-in-law wanted her brother, Rod, to meet Kim.

First Date: At a KFC. “We were just hanging out and decided to stop there, so I didn’t consider it a date. But whenever we pass the same KFC, we call it our first date.”

How He Proposed: First, with a “pre-engagement” ring until he could get the ring of Kim’s dreams. Officially, he proposed in front of family and friends at a Labor Day cookout.

Their Song: “You’re the One” by Hallerin Hill and Lisa Shipman, “because we both feel we are perfect for one another.”