Rebecca, 32, is an administrative assistant. Josh, 33, is a footwear manager. They live in D.C.

The Main Event: History will come to life — literally — at this couple’s Nov. 5 wedding at Rebecca’s parent’s house in Gettysburg, Pa. Rebecca will be wearing a Civil War-period dress made by her mother, and some of the guests will also be in costume. “My parents are huge Civil War buffs and got into the pretty side of re-enactment,” she says.

How They Met: At a bar, where he was supposed to get set up with her friend. The friend snubbed him, but Becca, playing wingwoman, reached out. “He was refreshingly nerdy, which is what really piqued my interest.”

First Date: “I had her over to my mom’s house to watch a movie. It was just like high school.”

How He Proposed: They were at his parents’ house in San Antonio, Texas, for Christmas; he gave her a pair of plane tickets to see her parents in D.C., where they lived at the time, for later that day. When they finally landed, he popped the question in front of the National Christmas Tree.

Their Song: “40 Dogs” by Bob Schneider.