“Because Tebow is, well, Tebow, … there’s a new thing called ‘Tebowing’ that’s already popped up. It’s already worn out, too. But that didn’t stop Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch from celebrating his sack of Tebow by joining the craze.”
ThePigskinDoctors.com was amused by Tulloch’s mocking of the the Denver Broncos quarterback during Sunday’s game.

“You know what we don’t have? We don’t have enough news shows. So thank you, NBC, for adding this one to the mix.”
NorthBranford.patch.com wasn’t looking forward to ‘Rock Center with Brian Williams’ which premiered Monday night on NBC.

“This isn’t a PSA or an after-school special; this is [expletive] Family Guy. But given that this loathsome episode pegged itself to a very serious problem, you’d think maybe at the end they’d flash a hotline number or something. You’d be wrong. Definitely the scariest Halloween special we’ve ever seen.”
Jezebel.com was outraged by the FOX cartoon’s Halloween episode, in which a storyline featuring a character who was domestically abused as a central theme to the episode’s jokes. art: a screengrab of this actual character would be tremendous

“No, seriously. … Millions of flies around Washington have been “attacked by a mind-controlling fungus” over the last few months, turning them into little more than doomed spreaders of a deadly curse. Oh, goodie. If the work of Danny Boyle is any indication, we should probably just go right ahead and start preparing for the eventual and near-total elimination of the human race, shouldn’t we?”
DCist.com mockingly fears that the world will soon resemble Boyle’s ’28 Days Later’ movie, after hearing an NPR story about flies inflicted with toxoplasma gondii, a mind-controlling fungus.

“I have to admit, the trade for King was puzzling when it was made, and given the amount of games that King plays per season here in DC, even more puzzling now. The move never did nor does it make any logical sense.”
DCProSportsReport.com reacts to news that the Capitals enforcer was waived Monday.