I’ve long been a classical dabbler, but I’ve always approached the music as a rock guy rather than an educated devotee. In recent months, though, I’ve been playing classical music around my house 24/7 — literally — via my cable’s Music Choice channels or a radio tuned to WETA-FM 90.9. I want music to be a constant part of my kids’ lives, and playing classical tunes allows me to rest assured that the new extreme metal album I’m enjoying won’t scare ’em out of their diapers.

I also listen to WETA in the car, and it was there that I finally had a eureka moment, the kind I thought only people knowledgeable about classical music had. Not only did I fall in love with a piece because of the composition’s beauty — Elgar’s “Violin Concerto in B minor, Op. 61: Andante” — but also because of the emotional connection I felt with the stunning performance by violinist Dong-Suk Kang, above, with the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra. I’ve since listened to other versions, but Dong-Suk’s strings took me from dabbler to devotee.

Listen Now: Stream Dong-Suk Kang and the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra’s “The Best of Elgar” on Spotify.