During campaign season, any alleged sexual scandal leads to many questions: What really happened? Who are the anonymous sources? Will the candidate recover?

But Speaker of the Blouse does not talk politics. Instead, as sexual harassment allegations put even more attention on Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, I ask: Why does he always wear a yellow tie?

I’ve tried to get to the root of Cain’s color choice by contacting his team, but it seems bigger issues have overloaded their email accounts.

So, I ponder this issue alone. Politicians often wear red or blue ties to show patriotism. Maybe Cain’s choice of hue shows his outsider spirit. Could his ties be a sign of allegiance to the tea party, which waves the yellow Gadsden flag? My anonymous sources (OK, the Express newsroom staff) suggested it might be a nod to support-the-troops yellow ribbons.

It will probably be awhile before the Hermanator addresses this non-issue. Until then, you, too, can analyze his style (or maybe show your winking support) with the new Cain-inspired update on the classic tuxedo T-shirt ($28, Zazzle).