Ventura goes way too far in his reaction. He suggested that he might change his citizenship and move to Mexico. It may come as a surprise to the governor, but Mexico is hardly a greater fountain of liberty than the United States.” finds former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura’s claim that he’s going to apply for dual Mexican-U.S. citizenship after he lost a legal challenge against airport pat-downs and full-body scans by the TSA to be a bit short-sighted.

First, AOL reports they still have 3.5M dial-up users, now Dippin’ Dots files for bankruptcy … are we all just not ready for the future?”
@BenjaminBacon laments the fact that the company that billed itself as the “ice cream of the future” is likely headed for its demise.

This is one of Groupon’s fundamental flaws: It simply can’t know what you want, when you want it. Deals in your area are fine, but they assume that you might be interested in that Caribbean dinner or private fencing lessons. Sure, I’m all for serendipity. Perhaps I’d find that I love fencing and be glad that Groupon showed me the way.”
— Lance Ulanoff at can’t understand how the online coupon company managed to pull off a $700 million IPO on Friday.

Wise move. Because, barring an extraordinary showing by the famously private Mrs. Cain, odds are her national media debut would have done her flailing husband more harm than good.”
— Michelle Cottle of thinks that Gloria Cain’s decision to stay mum about the sexual harassment allegations her husband Herman Cain is facing is a smart one.

Whether or not he was prepped for this appearance, we may never know. … My only wish — he found a way to work in a ‘Holy Ghost’ mention to accompany his previous thanking of ‘Jesus AND God’ during his VMAs acceptance speech. Holy Ghost gets no respect.” reacts to a video of Justin Bieber rapping in an appearance at Los Angeles radio station Power 106 last week.