Does anybody even remember who actually won ‘American Idol’ the year Adam Lambert was on? Yeah, us either. Mainly because Glambert keeps us glued to his controversy and leopard print pants. We live for that.” was impressed with Lambert’s collaboration with Queen guitarist Brian May at the MTV European Music Awards on Sunday night.

[Thanks] for showing me what I’ve been missing. Multiple horse-drawn carriages, hearses with flashing lights and timed music. Who knew a funeral could be such a spectacle? Looks like Phaedra has found her new mission in life … sending the dead off in style.” finds Phaedra Parks’ — one of the stars of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” — and her new line of work in funeral homes to be tawdry.

We never thought it would come to this, but we’re officially miffed at the Girl Scouts. … While some are excited that ‘you won’t put on any extra pounds by wearing them’ we’re into eating the cookies, calories be damned. Being forced to smell the cookies all day when they won’t be available for months would be tortuous.” reacts to news that the Girls Scouts of America are putting out lip balms that match the flavors of their famous cookies.

Gambino upholds his indie rock-rap cred, dropping rhymes about labelmates Mumford & Sons and continuing to rap about his obsession with hipster girls. Not your typical MC, he combines rapping about girls and money with obvious and honest insecurities about being made fun of as a kid to attracting haters for not being ‘black’ enough.” offers a quick review of Donald Glover’s new solo album, “Camp,” which he made available to stream on NPR Monday. Glover is also an actor on NBC’s “Community.”

Although he wanted to be the spokesperson for the disease, he later reasoned that moving forward with his life was the best way to lead by example. Not only did he briefly return to basketball, but twenty years later, he continues to live prosperously. His healthy appearance is a vessel of hope to not only those fighting the disease, but also to the loved ones who support friends and family who share the same diagnosis as Magic Johnson.” reflects on the 20th anniversary of Johnson’s announcement that he was HIV-positive and planned on retiring from the NBA.