I’m so glad his last moment on national TV was at the BET Hip Hop Awards. SO happy that’s a lot of folks’ last image of Heavy D.”
— @StereoWilliams remembers rapper Heavy D, who died at 44 in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

“‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’ is the ‘Madden’ of this generation, a video game that manages to soak up so much money, attention and time that it transcends the medium.”
Kotaku.com thinks that the new release from Activision is definitely worth buying.

Just great. 12-year-old photo of me and sous chef butt nekkid in pool coming soon from TMZ. At least my [butt] looks better than his.”
— Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain mockingly tweeted about old photos showing him and a friend on a Caribbean vacation that were leaked on TMZ.com.

With Notre Dame heading on the road to face Maryland on Saturday, apparently they decided it was a perfect time to discard one of the most iconic helmets in football for a look even the Terrapins wouldn’t be caught dead in.”
LostLettermen.com is not a fan of what the Fighting Irish plan on wearing on their heads during their matchup against the Terrapins on Saturday at FedEx Field.

“The attacker used a pickup truck to do the damage. One theory is that the person was after the bronze material. My instinct tells me this was one of the Occupy loons.”
TheBlogmocracy.com reacts to news that a statue of former president Ronald Reagan in Newport Beach, Calif., was vandalized in an apparent robbery attempt.