State-ment Jewelry: Some people express hometown pride with body ink (which explains all the three-stars-and-two-bars tats strolling around Columbia Heights). But custom silver necklaces ($180 each, Uncommon Goods) offer a subtler, less-skin-maiming way to say, “Howdy, I’m from Texas!” or, “Go, Huskers!” Every state (except Michigan and Hawaii) and the D of C are available; provide your ZIP code, and designer Rachael Sudlow will place a tiny diamond chip on, say, Del Ray.

Yes, Mammals: Tumblr of the moment, “Is Ryan Gosling Cuter Than a Puppy?” pits corgis and poodles against one of Hollywood’s sexiest men. “Hot Guys and Baby Animals” ($10, Andrews McMeel) meshes these two “AWWW” ideas into one dumb, embarrassing, completely unnecessary book. But pics of shirtless men with wittle chickens, ducks and rabbits may be more appreciated as a stocking stuffer than, say, a kitten.

Walk the Lines: In ancient Guatemala, only the elite could wear the country’s trademark brightly woven fabrics. But Morris Etc.’s well-priced, colorful-as-a-Mayan sunset rugs ($325-$475) are well-priced enough that even commoners can plop them on floors in kitchens, dens or bedrooms. Hue combos such as turquoise, red and magenta make the wool carpets vibrant; hand-loomed stripes keep them feeling modern, whether you mix them into contempo or trad cribs.

An Eye on Sci-Fi?: In 2030, we’ll listen to Kanye through our EYES. OK, probably not, but the future seems here now in the Wrinkle MD Eye ($129, University Medical), a gadget for infusing under-peeper skin with acids and peptides via boomerang-shaped patches and an electric current. It feels ticklish, but after one treatment, we looked more rested.

A Real Hive Bar: If Winnie the Pooh were a lush, if bees went to bars, and if flu sufferers preferred something stronger than Halls drops, they’d all gorge on Barenjager Honey liqueur ($27, liquor stores). The syrupy German import — made with gobs of real honey — tastes like bourbon distilled in honeycomb. Not too sweet, not too bitter, it’d mix nicely into hot cider or even a cup of tea. But don’t overindulge — you might be tempted to pick a fight with Piglet.

by Katherine Boyle and Jennifer Barger