I’m just about to turn 50 years old. I keep myself in good shape, and I think I still look great, but I am somewhat depressed by passing the half-century mark, so I and need a pair of shoes to cheer me up. Can you recommend something sexy but not inappropriate? — Carla

Manolo says Fifty? Do not despair, for 50 is the new 47!

Thanks to the modern medicine, and the superior makeup technology, the women of today generally look much younger than did the ladies of the previous generations.

Indeed, the Manolo had just recently seen the 1971 Geritol advertisement, which showed the group of prematurely aged 46-year-old women. Sadly, it was all gray hair, wrinkly faces and bags under the eyes, as nearly all of the women looked at least the full decade older then their actual age.

But what else could be expected if one became middle-aged in the society that regarded liquid iron supplements and smoking cigarettes as sensible parts of any beauty regimen?

Of the course, it goes without the saying that in the 40 years time, the future peoples will be mocking us for looking prematurely old, and following strange advice such as injecting botulism into our foreheads to eliminate the wrinkles.

Here is the Case from Kate Spade New York ($350, Zappos), the sexy but appropriate sandal to wear to your birthday party.