I am completely serious about this. I’m not trying to start a wacky campaign that will fizzle out after a few days. I truly believe that the Muppets would be the best Academy Awards hosts ever.”
Gizmodo.com is in full support of the Facebook campaign to get the puppets to host the Oscars now that Eddie Murphy is out as host and Billy Crystal is in.

Mr. Tyson’s video … may be the first truly great parody of this election cycle.”
Blog.TimesUnion.com enjoyed former boxer Mike Tyson’s parody video of GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain on comedy website Funnyordie.com.

In his defense, Ashton Kutcher seemed to have no idea why Joe Paterno was fired, and when things were explained, he quickly took this down and apologized repeatedly. And it seemed sincere. It’s hard to believe that he didn’t know, especially since Iowa and Penn State are in the same conference, but consider this: Ashton Kutcher is an idiot.”
WWTDD.com reacts to news that Ashton Kutcher shut down his Twitter account after a mixup Wednesday night, in which he wrote, “How do you fire Joe Pa? #insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste.” He claims he was unaware of the sex abuse scandal that led to riots in State College, Pa., on Wednesday.

In a daring political move, the White House has issued a statement denying the existence of space aliens on Earth. With this act, President Obama risks offending extraterrestrial voters, an important swing bloc (especially in Roswell, N.M., and Nevada’s Area 51).”
NotionsCapital.wordpress.com is amused by the press release the White House issued earlier this week responding to a pair of petitions on its “We the People” website that demanded the Obama administration come clean about extraterrestrials.

I thought about buying corduroy for everyone in the family, but I am too cheap [and] thrifty to do so. My husband would never wear it again. I’ve been mulling over food to serve for this day. Twizzlers, of course, come to mind, but they don’t make a very good main course. I guess I could make a Shepherd’s Pie and comb the mashed potatoes on top into thin lines. Hmmm….”
HotDayInTheSummer.blogspot.com has major plans for National Corduroy Day, which is 11/11/11, designated because the numbers together look similar to the fabric pattern.